GBA Bios Dumping Guide

By: GlaZed_Belmont

Hello, in this guide, I will show you how to dump a GBA bios

What you'll need:

  1. (3DS) Download the open_agb_firm.firm file and put it into your SD:/luma/payloads folder.
  2. Download the Bios_Dumper.gba file and put it on your flashcart's micro SD card or your 3DS's SD root.
  3. (NDS, GBA) Boot your console and run Bios_Dumper.gba.

    (3DS) Boot your console while holding START, select Open AGB Firm then run Bios_Dumper.gba.

  4. You'll be met with a red screen like this:
  5. Wait until the screen turns green like so:
  6. Wait 5 seconds or so before turning off the system to prevent SD corruption.

  7. After that, open your micro SD card on your PC

  8. Open_AGB_firm users: the savefile is in the SD:/3ds/open_agb_firm/saves folder.

    Either drag & drop the .sav file onto the file or run it with python3, this will output a file called bios.bin which is the correct bios.

    Here are the hashes of a clean bios on GBA


    Here are the hashes of a clean bios on DS/DS Lite/3DS


  9. Done!

Please join this server for further assistance

~ GlaZed_Belmont